Speaking Up for Craft

Advocacy to shape a strong cultural economy

Here at the Canadian Crafts Federation (CCF/FCMA), we’re delighted to champion craft every day. We advocate for artists, makers and arts administrators representing a spectrum of voices who contribute to cultural history and a healthy society. Together with our partners, the CCF/FCMA is a strong voice for craft at a Territorial, Provincial and Federal level.

Federal Connections with the Canadian Arts Coalition

CCF/FCMA has been actively involved as a part of the “Winter Series” of discussions hosted by the Canadian Arts Coalition. We’re meeting with Ministers of Parliament and their staff to encourage Canadian Federal leaders to support the invaluable sector of the arts for the next 3 years of sectoral recovery and beyond. These meetings are a part of ongoing discussions about the arts, culture and heritage with Federal Members of Parliament. We join arts administrators across Canada to collaboratively inform the government the importance of including the arts in Canada’s plan to rebuild the economy. Alongside other national associations, arts organizations and artists, supported by the Canadian Art Coalition, these conversations are a precursor to a larger session of delegates on Parliament Hill later this year. These exchanges will present key information to Canada’s Federal tourism, arts, culture and heritage departments as a guide to strengthening Canada’s economic recovery plan.

Building Bridges for Funding and Accessibility for Craft

CCF/FCMA continues to conduct specific outreach to Governmental Policy representatives to present ideas to better develop avenues of funding for craft artists and organizations. We’re holding meetings with policy advisors and directors with the departments of Tourism, Heritage and Employment about the challenge of accessing funding due to the unique nature of craft, and the opportunity to support locally grown small businesses in craft. Through these meetings, we’re creating connections to build better access to funding for craft.

Are You a Leader in Craft?

The Craft Spectrum Position Paper by CCF/FCMA has been a useful reference to initiate conversations of craft with those working outside of the sector. The Craft Spectrum briefly describes the many intersectional lenses of craft from artistic expression to a healthy economy. If you’re advocating on behalf of craft, working within craft or wanting to learn more, we created the Craft Spectrum for you to use, and to share.

The truth is many artists and craft organizations continue to feel the impacts of instability and uncertainty of current times. However, after years of pivoting, adapting, and making innovative leaps forward, these citizens of craft remain strong and their passion to create is unwavering. We at the CCF/FCMA, alongside our partners, continue to work hard behind the scenes to make sure the voice of craft is heard by the folks in government. Craft artists, makers and arts administrators are the leaders of culture and heritage and we’re committed to ensuring that they are supported.

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