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Honourary Members

Honourary Members are a revered group of individuals appointed by the board to recognize their significant contributions to the field of contemporary Canadian craft. This category recognizes our history, as the CCF/FCMA retained the list of honourary members from our previous incarnation (The Canadian Crafts Council) and adds new names to the list each time we present our national award for craft volunteerism, the Robert Jekyll Award for Leadership in Craft.


CCF Honourary Members:

Robert Jekyll, Ontario

Charles Lewton-Brain, Alberta

Jean Johnson, Ontario

Marilyn Stothers, Manitoba

Simon Wroot, Alberta

Jane Kenyon, British Columbia

Deborah Dumka, British Columbia

Ann Roberts, Ontario

Michael Hosaluk, Saskatchewan

Charllotte Kwon, British Columbia

Anne Manuel, Newfoundland

Tom McFall, Alberta


Canadian Craft Council Honourary Members:

Josephine Aresnault

Joan Auld

Micheline Beauchamin

Gaetan Beaudin

Andrea Bronfman

Charles R. Bronfman

Mary Eileen Burnett

Dorothy K. Burnham

Joan Chalmers

Lea Collins

Leta Cormier

Allan Crimmins

Mr. and Mrs. Davies

Erica Deichman Gregg

Marian DeWitt

Jean Fahrni

Douglas Farndale

Charley Farrero

George Fry

Jacques Garnier

Leo Gervais

Peter Gzowski

Folmer Hansen

Mary Eileen Hogg

Kinya Ishikawa

Jean Johnson

Elizabeth Keeling

Orland Larson

Luke Lindoe

Les Manning

Patricia McClelland

Peggy McLernon

Francis Merrit

Margo Meyer

Ann Mortimer

John Porter

Margery Powell

Margaret Quinn

Garmel Rich

Simone Roy

Dr. J.J.E. Salden

Maurice M. Savoie

Peggy Schofield

Deirdre Spencer

Harold G. Stacey

Marilyn Stothers

Walter Sunahara

Dr. Peter Swann

Judith Tinkl

Jan Waldorf

Jenny Webb

Ron Willoughby

Margorie Wilson