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Current Projects

Citizens of Craft

A nationally collaborative project, citizensofcraft.ca is a marketing campaign intended to help every craft based artist, organization, association, educational institution, or otherwise, to reclaim the word ‘craft’, and to bolster its recognition in society. Declare yourselves as #citizensofcraft TODAY, and join us as we work together towards an expansion of the public’s understanding and appreciation for craft.  Immense credit must be given to Craft Ontario, who spearheaded the endeavor and continues to lead the project on behalf of all the Craft Councils to make Citizens of Craft a reality.

The Podcast

These guest speakers are, truly, the “Citizens of Craft”. They are masters in their own right, chasing techniques that have been in use for thousands of years, or exploring new technologies that have just begun to push the boundaries of art. They appreciate and create objects with meaning, history, and purpose – rejecting the mass manufactured lifestyle of our time to capture something more authentic.”

Each episode addresses one of the ten manifesto statements from the Citizens of Craft movement. Join us as we animate the story of craft through the values we hold dear. This project is made possible through extensive partnership with voicEd Radio, and the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Craft News

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