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The Robert Jekyll Award for Leadership

The Robert Jekyll Award for Leadership (previously titled The Robert Jekyll President’s Award) celebrates distinguished contributors to the craft sector and is one of the highest markers of exceptional commitment to the development of the craft community in Canada.

The Robert Jekyll Award for Leadership is a prestigious honour, reflecting its namesake. The founding president of the CCF/FCMA, Jekyll helped guide the organization through a time of overwhelming change, leading to the presence we have today. While he is known for over 30 years of remarkable stained glass work, he is also respected as a major force in the creative community at large, advancing the status of Canadian craft across the country. To be a recipient of this award is to be recognized as an invaluable citizen of craft.

Nomination Deadline: To be announced
Robert Jekyll Award Call for Nominations

Award Winners

2006: Robert Jekyll, Ontario & Charles Lewton-Brain, Alberta
2007: Jean Johnson, Ontario
2010: Marilyn Stothers, Manitoba
2012: Simon Wroot, Alberta
2013: Jane Kenyon, British Columbia
2014: Deborah Dumka, British Columbia
2015: Ann Roberts, Ontario
2016: Michael Hosaluk, Saskatchewan
2017: Charlotte Kwon, British Columbia
2018: Anne Manuel, Newfoundland & Tom McFall, Alberta
2020: Dr. Sandra Alfoldy, Nova Scotia & Louise Lemieux Bérubé, Québec

2021: Susan Hanrahan, Nova Scotia

Shortlist: Amy Gogarty, British Columbia & Claire Kusy, Québec

2022: Barbara Heller, British Columbia

Shortlist:  Amy Gogarty, British Columbia & Denis Longchamps, Quebec 

The video below shares the message of the award and highlights the work of its namesake, Mr. Robert Jekyll. Filmed by Claire Sanford.