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2017–2020 Strategic Plan

The CCF/FCMA is proud to present our Strategic Plan for 2017–2020. After a year long process of visioning, deliberation, and consultation, our Board of Directors have approved the organizations new and expanded goals, objectives and initiatives. The CCF/FCMA’s three new goals are to “Unite, Support and Inspire”, encouraging connection and exchange among the national craft network, strengthening and empowering the craft sector, and raising the profile of Canadian contemporary fine craft nationally and internationally.


Unite: Encourage connection and exchange among the national craft network

The CCF/FCMA is first and foremost, a federation. Our primary goal is to connect the distinctive professional facets of the Canadian contemporary craft sector, embracing the diverse resources of our membership to form a vibrant national craft network. Through the facilitation of craft-focused gatherings and the distribution of craft-focused information, we create and share opportunities, spark conversation and open doors to strengthen the craft sector.


Support: Strengthen and empower the craft sector

The CCF/FCMA recognizes the great strength of collective craft community action. We provide connections, information and encouragement to the national craft network, ensuring that the craft sector is represented and recognized as a thriving component of Canadian culture.


Inspire: Raise the profile of Canadian contemporary fine craft nationally and internationally

The CCF/FCMA is proud to promote the unique contemporary fine craft sector of our country. Craft is one of the many languages of our culture, a means to celebrate who we are and the values we share. We showcase Canadian craft, elevating its status as a respected art form and increasing recognition of Contemporary fine craft as a reflective, engaging and inspiring contributor to Canadian culture.


Intrigued? Read the Strategic Plan here.