a warm welcome for new board members

Exec Fredericton The CCF/FCMA is proud to announce the exciting new lineup of our
Executive Board. At a series of re-visioning sessions held in late
February 2010, the CCF/FCMA appointed these individuals, with their
positions to be ratified at our Annual General Meeting this summer.

 Our new President, Mr. Simon Wroot of Calgary, Alberta, has over a
decade of history with the organization. He takes the reigns from Mr.
Michael Maynard of Fredericton, New Brunswick, who steps into the
role of Past President.

Also joining the Executive are two new Vice Presidents, Ms. Deb
Dumka of Gillies Bay, British Columbia, and Mr. Mark Lewis of
Kimberly, Ontario. Both have significant histories working on the
Provincial level as the President (and now Past President) of their
respective provincial craft councils.

Maintaining their dedication to the Board by continuing their
positions are CCF/FCMA Treasurer, Ann Tyre of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and
CCF/FCMA Secretary, Janet Peter, of St. John's, Newfoundland.

 Also new to the board are two new Provincial representatives,
James Lavoie for Alberta and Tom Dean for Prince Edward Island. The
CCF/FCMA gratefully acknowledges the work of those representatives
who have stepped down from the board, including Karen Leblanc of NB
and and Becka Viau of PEI.

Our sincere thanks also go out to Michael Maynard for his work as
the President over the past 3 years.

The image shown above features members of the Executive
working during the February meetings in Fredericton, New Brunswick.
From left to right is Past President Michael Maynard, President Simon
Wroot, and Vice President Deb Dumka.