A Guide to Craft

Announcing the Craft Spectrum Print-from-Home Posters

Recently, we released the Craft Spectrum, a position paper created to provide tangible examples of Craft’s role in Canada. Now, we’re excited to let you know that we have made printable posters and postcards of the Craft Spectrum for you to use in your studio, office, classrooms and beyond. 

With arts administrators and artists in mind, we developed the Craft Spectrum guide with the help and support of an advisory committee with representatives across the country. We held many meetings to refine language to capture Craft’s expansive nature. Craft can be complex, simple, subtle, loud and everything in between. Sometimes we need a bit of support to put meaning into words and we hope that the Craft Spectrum can do that for you. 

Maegen Black with a Craft Spectrum Poster

The Canadian Crafts Federation acknowledges, respects, and values the diversity of voices, perspectives, and experiences of craft from across Turtle Island. By developing a spectrum of craft, rather than a rigid definition, space is created to find your place in craft, rather than a set mould you must adapt to.

Maegen Black, Executive Director CCF/FCMA from the Craft Spectrum

The Craft Spectrum highlights nine overarching themes of Craft. From Technology, to Artistic Expression, to Economy and Community, the Craft Spectrum briefly describes the history and influence of Craft in Canada. The next time you are writing a grant or artist’s statement, think of the Craft Spectrum. The CCF/FCMA position paper was created to be used as a resource to provide government representatives, and those working outside of the craft sector, with an introduction to craft. Now, when you’re working in the studio or at the desk, you can point to your Craft Spectrum poster. 

We have options of poster sizes and postcards to print at home or to send to professional printers for bulk orders. Enjoy these resources and keep an eye on our social media pages for more #CraftIs content. 

Large Poster, 18″ x 24″
Poster, 11″ x 17″
Print at Home or Office, 8.5″ x 11″