Craft Is…

Craft Spectrum Position Paper and Pre-Budget Consultation Recommendations

The Canadian Crafts Federation is always busy behind the scenes advocating for the sector. That is why we are excited to finally share our Craft Spectrum, a guide to help contextualize what craft means in Canada and the Canadians Crafts Federation pre-budget consultation recommendations.

Craft can be complicated to explain. Our intention with the Craft Spectrum position paper was to develop an easy-to-understand guide to use as a reference, providing government representatives and those working outside of the craft sector with an introduction to craft. We worked with the community to develop the document. From our writing team to our advocacy committee members, with test readers and through extensive reviews, we aimed to ensure that our definition of craft was inclusive and open. 

“The Canadian Crafts Federation acknowledges, respects, and values the diversity of voices, perspectives, and experiences of craft from across Turtle Island. By developing a spectrum of craft, rather than a rigid definition, space is created to find your place in craft, rather than a set mould you must adapt to.”

Maegen Black, CCF/FCMA Director

The Craft Spectrum highlights nine areas of influence in craft, rather than a stoic, single definition. Craft is holistic. It is alive, always adapting to our nature and culture. We’re excited to present this easy-to-digest document with real-world examples to help introduce newcomers to the broad experience of Canadian craftspeople.

Did somebody say “election”?

The Canadian Crafts Federation makes it a priority to provide public and civil servants with information about the sector to ensure that craft has a voice at the table. Most recently, we tackled this through a written submission for the pre-budget consultations in Advance of the 2022 Federal Budget, titled “Craft & Recovery: Strengthening the Path Forward Through Craft Promotion & Small Business Development”.

The recommendations included will directly, and indirectly, impact craft artists and organizations, and their ability to succeed in a valuable sector, taking into consideration the ongoing unpredictable climate of the COVID-19 pandemic now, and into the future.

We’ve summarized the main points of our brief into clear points of action, below.

The Canadian Crafts Federation Pre-Budget Recommendations

1. Basic Income to Support All – Including Artists

Extend and adapt CRB and CEWS programs at the original rates, and continue to adapt the EI system, leading to the development of a Basic Income program. Learn more about Basic Income here:

2. Professional Development for Professional Artists

Expand upon and create new funds for craft-based internships and mentorship through the Building Careers in Heritage program and the Sectoral Initiatives program.

3. Increase Flexibility in Programs

Review and adapt the timeline and eligibility of existing and newly proposed federal funding programs in arts, culture, tourism and export.

4. Equity in Craft

Continue and expand efforts to address systemic racism in arts funding by providing ongoing operational and project funding for Indigenous, racialized, and newcomer communities.

5. Keep Digital Funding Flowing

Continue to invest in innovations in digital creation that enhance financial stability.

6. Amend the Copyright Act

Amend the Copyright Act to include an Artist’s Resale Right as an economic marketplace solution for individual artists.

Learn more about the context and basis for these recommendations in our full brief here.


With the Craft Spectrum position paper, we invite you to use this as a resource to situate yourself in craft. What is craft, according to you? Follow our #CraftIs series on Instagram and join the conversation. 

We gathered information and created the Craft Spectrum guide and our pre-budget consultation recommendations to explain the importance of craft and the invaluable role of craftspeople in a sustainable economy. We hope that with these resources, you’re equipped with the knowledge to advocate on behalf of craft in your community.