You Believe in 10-Digit Technology

We are now more than halfway through our second season of Citizens of Craft: The Podcast! June 26 marked the release of Season 2, Episode 3, featuring ceramicist Brendan Tang, and our first international speaker, glass artist Matt Durran. This episode explores the manifesto statement, You believe in 10-digit technology… You connect more strongly with things made by a pair of hands – the original 10-digit machine.

“With my practice, I would feel like concept first [was] most important, but I feel like as I’m getting older, I acknowledge the kinesthetic element of it and how it is the movement of material with my hands and the shaping of the things before me”, said Brendan in his response to the manifesto statement.

“I really wanted to convey to people that there’s a power in making”, Matt said, following Brendan’s response. “It’s really on us to show the world the value of what we do, especially when working with our hands.” 

The episode goes on to cover topics such as the digital world’s influence on how we make, reconciling new and old tech, and how our two guests see the craft/tech blend in their own work.

“There’s a project I’m doing in Sweden called Glass Tech-Hack, and what we’ve done is live stream the glass blowers making the work [in collaboration] with science and medical researchers from all over the world… It’s interesting because glassblowing is such an ancient technology but by bolting on some new technology, we’re able to create a whole new space for that craft approach, and suddenly it doesn’t feel like it’s something old-fashioned or outdated – it feels really relevant to where we are now.” – Matt Durran

In addition to the main discussion, this episode’s special segment, titled “The Topic At Hand”, features an interview with the UK Crafts Council’s Executive Director, Rosy Greenlees, which took place on the bustling showroom floor of the Saatchi Gallery in London during Collect 2019, the only gallery-presented art fair dedicated to modern craft and design.

Tune in next Wednesday, July 10, for the release of Episode 4, “You Are Not Automated, Manufactured, or Cloned” featuring textile artist Allison Green, and Indigenous artist and jeweller, Tamika Knutson. Available on and all major podcast streaming platforms.

This series is made possible through an extensive partnership with voicEd Radio and the support of the many members of the Canadian Crafts Federation.

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