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The Craft Spectrum

The Craft Spectrum position paper is an easy-to-understand guide made to be used as a reference, providing government representatives and those working outside of the sector with an introduction to Craft in Canada. The CCF/FCMA worked with the community to develop an inclusive and open document to define craft. The process included a writing team with the support of the advocacy committee members, test readers and extensive reviews.

The Craft Spectrum highlights nine overarching themes of Craft. From Artistic Expression to Economy, the position paper briefly describes the history and influence of Craft in Canada and features real-world artist case studies.

The next time you are writing a grant, and artist’s statement or trying to find the words to describe craft, reach for CCF/FCMA Craft Spectrum.

Reference Tools

The CCF/FCMA has created options of poster sizes and postcards to print at home or to send to professional printers for bulk orders.

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