The 2023 Laureate for the Robert Jekyll Award Announced

Gilles Latour Named 2023 Laureate for his Contributions to Craft

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The Canadian Crafts Federation (CCF/FCMA) is thrilled to announce Gilles Latour as the 2023 Leaureate for the Robert Jekyll Award for Leadership in Craft. This award recognizes Mr. Latour’s exceptional dedication to advancing the Canadian craft sector. He has been an ardent supporter of Canadian craft and makers, both locally and internationally, for over 30 years. 

As a volunteer in various capacities, he has actively supported craft-based organizations and helped many individuals working and volunteering in the Canadian craft sector. Gilles’ passion for craft has made a significant impact on organizations like Craft Ontario (CO), CCF/FCMA, and the Canadian Society of Decorative Arts. He is a preeminent leader, volunteer, administrator, supporter, and collector in both the Ontario and national craft sectors. His expertise in governance, membership, fundraising, financial oversight, and relationship-building has made him a valuable contributor to the Canadian craft community. 

Gilles Latour received the John and Barbara Mather Award for Lifetime Achievement and an Honorary Membership from the CCF/FCMA for his lifetime of achievement in support of craft. Now, he is being recognized with the Robert Jekyll Award for Leadership in Craft for his outstanding contributions and dedication to the advancement of the Canadian craft sector. 

“There is no doubt that Gilles is a force in the creative sector at large, and that his involvement has greatly advanced the status of Canadian craft through community-building, governance and advocacy efforts.” 

Janna Hiemstra, Executive Director, Craft Ontario

The Robert Jekyll Award is an annual award which invites CCF/FCMA members to nominate exceptional individuals to highlight the incredible Citizens of Craft within their community. Congratulations to all nominees, including the 2023 Robert Jekyll Award Shortlist: Dr. Carol E. Mayer and Dr. Jennifer Salahub.

The CCF/FCMA would like to extend warm congratulations to Gilles Latour for his remarkable achievements in the craft sector in Canada. His passion, dedication, and leadership have had a significant impact on the development of the craft community. The Robert Jekyll Award is a prestigious recognition of distinguished contributors to the craft sector, and Gilles Latour is a deserving recipient of this honour. His exceptional commitment to the craft community in Canada has made a real difference and is an inspiration to many.

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