Meet the 2023 Shortlist for the Robert Jekyll Award for Leadership in Craft

The Canadian Crafts Federation (CCF/FCMA) is excited to announce the 2023 Robert Jekyll Award shortlist. This prestigious award recognizes exceptional contributions to the Canadian craft community. The nominees have shown outstanding leadership and advocacy efforts that have made a significant impact on the sector.

The shortlisted nominees are Dr. Carol E. Mayer, a doctorate in Anthropology and trailblazing founding president of the North-West Ceramics Foundation; Gilles Latour, who is a prominent leader in the Ontario and national craft sectors; and Dr. Jennifer Salahub, with a doctorate in the History of Design, who is a remarkable educator and a craft historian. Each nominee brings a unique perspective and skill set to the craft community.

As the founding president of the North-West Ceramics Foundation and a board member for 30 years, Dr. Carol E. Mayer has a doctorate in anthropology specializing in museum studies and advocates for public education in ceramic arts in Western Canada. She has established scholarships, awards, residencies, and endowments that have benefited ceramicists, collectors, museums, galleries, and the public. Her project, “From the Land,” traces the evolution of ceramics in BC, and her passion for contemporary and historical interpretations of all crafts is an inspiration to many. Dr. Mayer has made exceptional contributions to the ceramic arts, advocating contemporary and historical interpretations of all crafts.

Mr. Gilles Latour has contributed to the Canadian craft community, spanning over three decades. Throughout his volunteer commitment and leadership, Mr. Latour has made a significant impact on the craft sector through governance, membership, fundraising, and advocacy and has significantly advanced the status of Canadian craft through community-building efforts. He has served in various leadership positions, including President of the Craft Ontario and the Canadian Crafts Federation. Significantly strengthening the work of organizations to serve and educate about craft earned him recognition, such as the John and Barbara Mather Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2006. Mr. Latour is a preeminent leader, volunteer, administrator, supporter, and collector in both the Ontario and National craft sector.

Doctorate of History of Design Dr. Jennifer E. Salahub is an experienced Craft Historian and Professor Emerita. She has received numerous awards, scholarships, and fellowships for her research work and has curated exhibitions for museums and public galleries in Alberta. Dr. Salahub is an expert in contextualizing Craft history and analyzing forms and materials across various craft spectrums. She is a dedicated educator, craft historian, researcher, writer, craft collector, advocate, and long-time Alberta Craft Council board member. With over 20 years of experience in teaching, she has created a rich dialogue around contemporary craft issues. Her research on the History of Craft at Alberta College of Art & Design has been instrumental in uncovering a lost history of early support for craft.

The Robert Jekyll Award for Leadership in Craft is named after Robert Jekyll, the first president of CCF/FCMA. He played a vital role in leading the organization during a time of transformation. This award is possible thanks to the generous and ongoing financial contributions by Mr. Jekyll, as well as the donors who support CCF/FCMA through Canada Helps.

We are thrilled to recognize the outstanding contributions of these three nominees and eagerly await the announcement of the winner of this prestigious award in January. Stay tuned as we celebrate the exceptional achievements of the recipient of the 2023 Robert Jekyll Award for Leadership in Craft.

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