Taking a Stand for Craft

The CCF/FCMA’s advocacy committee, in partnership with our colleagues at the Canadian Arts Coalition and the Visual Arts Alliance, have continued to collaborate and participate in national consultations about the future of Canada’s cultural sector. In early August, 2020, the CCF/FCMA submitted a formal brief to the Federal Standing Committee on Finance, with specific recommendations on what the government should do to ensure a safe and thriving future for craft in Canada.

Limited to just 2000 words, the CCF/FCMA put forward five recommendations to adapt and expand existing programming, amend policies, and invest in underrepresented arts communities to increase equity and financial stability in the cultural sector. This included specific recommendations to implement a basic income program, adapt the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy program to encourage not for profit and charitable fundraising efforts, develop a new internship/mentorship program for emerging and mid-career/senior artists, increase funding to address systemic racism in the arts, and investment in creative digital innovation.

Read our official brief to the standing committee on finance to see all the recommendations in full, including our context for why these recommendations could, and would, help to elevate the craft and culture industries in Canada.

We want to hear from you! Do you have other recommendations for consideration? Reach out to [email protected] to share your thoughts with our advocacy and research committees as we continue to advocate for craft.