Supporting Craftspeople

Recommendations for Canada’s 2024 Federal Budget

Craftspeople play a vital role in shaping Canadian culture. The Craft Sector alone contributed $2,668,353 to the Gross Domestic Product and created 29,858 jobs in 2021, significantly impacting the economy. However, makers are often overlooked and face considerable challenges despite their societal importance. As we look toward the future and prepare for the 2024 Federal Budget, we urge the Government of Canada to take action in support of this critical sector. 

2024 Federal Budget Recommendations

As a submission for the Pre-Budget Consultations, we recommend that the Canadian Government extend the same respect, value, and consideration to the craft sector as to all other professions. We urge them to provide arts service organizations and their member organizations with sufficient operational funding to ensure they can support the communities they represent and retain competent staff. Additionally, the Government of Canada must continue to work with provincial and territorial counterparts to provide robust protections and support for artists, makers and cultural workers throughout the country. 

To meet equity, diversity and social inclusion targets established by Canadian Heritage, the Government of Canada must provide adequate resources to art service organizations, such as the Canadian Crafts Federation. We advocate for implementing an Employee Insurance program for workers in the arts and culture sector and a basic income guarantee for craftspeople and all workers. By doing so, we ensure that craftspeople receive the support they need to thrive and continue to enrich our culture and society for generations to come.

Craftspeople are essential to Canadian culture and identity; we must do all we can to support the Craft sector. Artists promote well-being, enhance our lives, sustain traditions, foster cultural exchange, and contribute to economic health. As we prepare for the 2024 Budget, we urge the Government of Canada to take action to support the Craft sector. By allocating funding to the parties closest to those in need and working to preserve institutional knowledge through adequate investments in arts services organizations, we can help ensure a thriving career for Canadian makers and for generations to come.

Please read the CCF/FCMA Written Submission for the Pre-Budget Consultations in Advance of the 2024 Budget to learn more about our recommendations.