The CCF/FCMA has three membership categories:
Craft Council Members, Affiliate Members, and Honourary Members.

Interested in becoming a member? You might already be one! Individual members of any of our Craft Council Members are defacto members of the CCF/FCMA. Looking for more involvement? Get in touch with us about participating in a committee, or talk to your regional craft council to see how you can get involved.


Craft Council Members make up the bulk of our membership. This includes the recognized provincial or territorial organizations that represent specific regions of the craft community across Canada. Geographically, they form the main ties that shape our national network, but more importantly, they represent the craft community of their region on the national stage. Historically and currently, this collaboration of allies has worked together to form a strong, national voice for craft.


    Craft Council of British Columbia    Saskatchewan Craft Council    Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council    Yukon Arts Society

PEI Crafts Council  Conseil des métiers d'art du Québec  Craft Council of Newfoundland & Labrador   Manitoba Crafts Council 

New Brunswick Crafts Council     Nunavut Arts & Crafts Association  

   Alberta Craft CouncilCraft Ontario



Affiliate Members are our fastest growing membership category. We want to work closely with organizations, institutions, or associations related to fine craft. Any organization with the goal of growing and advancing excellence in the field, is welcome to apply. Educational institutions, guilds, museums, galleries, collectives, foundations, and other such organizations have incredible perspectives and experience to share, expanding the CCF/FCMA’s capacity to represent the many aspects of the national craft field.

Organizations interested in applying for Affiliate Membership can read about the benefits here, and fill out the registration form here.


Points North Creative        Craft Alliance       Torngat Arts & Crafts

NWT Arts     Lunenbrg School of the Arts


Honourary Members are a revered group of individuals appointed by the board to recognize their significant contributions to the field of contemporary Canadian craft. This category recognizes our history, as the CCF/FCMA retained the list of honourary members from our previous incarnation (The Canadian Crafts Council) and adds new names to the list each time we present our national award for craft volunteerism, the Robert Jekyll President’s Award.

Robert Jekyll President’s Award Winners:
Robert Jekyll, Ontario, 2006
Jean Johnson, Ontario, 2007
Marilyn Stothers, Manitoba, 2010
Simon Wroot, Alberta, 2012
Jane Kenyon, British Columbia, 2013
Deborah Dumka, British Columbia, 2014