Report to the Standing Committee on Finance

The Executive Director of the CCF/FCMA, Maegen Black, and the chair of the Advocacy Committee, Raine Mckay, are collaborating on a brief to the Standing Committee on Finance to outline ways in which investments in culture, including Craft, contributes to a strong and productive Canadian economy through entrepreneurial ventures. 

The CCF brief, titled “CRAFT: An entrepreneurial investment” will recommend three key areas for the government to consider when drafting the 2012 federal budget. The Finance Committee wants to “attain high levels of job growth and business investment in order to ensure shared prosperity and a high standard of living for all.” It is the job of the CCF/FCMA to speak with a unified voice from the Craft sector to ensure continued investments in the arts. 
This is the first time the CCF/FCMA has presented a brief to the Finance Committee. We have spent years connecting to and partnering with other advocacy groups nation-wide, particularly the Canada Conference of the Arts, and from that a unified set of recommendations has been developed. 
The briefs are limited to three recommendations, so advancing with common goals across all cultural sectors will increase the impact and validity of our requests. The CCF/FCMA proudly speaks for the Craft community in these important fiscal matters, and we will continue to advocate for further investment and support in our field.
View the brief here.