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Have you heard? The 2018 finale of Citizens of Craft: The Podcast is coming out this Friday, November 30th, on citizensofcraft.ca/podcast, and on platforms such as iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Google Play. This episode features award-winning New Brunswick mixed media craft artist, Peter Powning, and Aboriginal Curatorial Collective Director, Clayton Windatt. The focus of their discussion addresses the Citizens of Craft manifesto statement, “While we all march to different drums, we move together.”

“No matter what, you will always find a bit of the artist in [their work]. And the uniqueness is very important”, – Michael Massie, Episode 2, We Value the Unique and Enduring.

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“I really hope my sons grow up to appreciate the handcrafted, as well” – Dr. Sandra Alfoldy, Episode 1, You Are Not a Lemming

For 2019, the CCF/FCMA is seeking sponsors and donors to support season two. If you work for an organization who would like to connect with a rich community of Canadian craft artists and enthusiasts, please click here to see our Sponsorship Package, or contact us directly for more information. Individuals can also donate online. The CCF/FCMA is a registered charity, so any donations above $15 will be issued a donation receipt – just in time for tax time! The first five donors who give more than $100 will be thanked live in a future episode.