Familiar Faces

As we round the halfway mark of Craft Year 2020, we at the CCF/FCMA are sharing a heartfelt thank you for all your support. This has been a year full of twists and turns to say the least, but what has kept us all together in a time of isolation is you – the citizens of craft. Your stories, your efforts, and your creative spirits continue to motivate and inspire us all!

Just one of the ways we’re celebrating YOU is through our weekly #FacesofCraftFriday spotlight. Over 25 artists from different regions, disciplines, and life experiences, have shared their stories, helping us to build a mosaic of craft worth celebrating. This campaign has helped to grow the @CCFFCMA Instagram by over 1,100 followers, with an organic reach of over 200,000 views since January. And now, we’re looking for even more craft artists to feature – so shine a spotlight on the diversity of craft by nominating someone whose work you love, today! (Email suggestions to [email protected] and be sure to follow the hashtag online)

We have a lot of hope for what the next six months might bring, but what gives us that hope is everything we have done together. Craft has empowered so many actions, from the making of masks to the creation and sharing of new opportunities and information. We celebrate those who have taken the time to find solace in a quiet moment, or to shout when shouting is required! Because the CCF/FCMA is a Federation – a network of artists and organizations here to support each other in the best of times, and the worst of times, we will not stop, and neither will you. Neither will craft.

So to everyone out there continuing to struggle, to those forging a new path, to those collecting themselves and recalibrating, and to those fighting for the future, we thank you. We support you. And we continue to sing the praises of craft alongside you, to empower a nation of makers, and to celebrate the citizens of craft.