Do you know a hero of craft in your community?

Someone who is deserving of recognition for their work in making real change and lasting impact on the growth of Canadian Contemporary Craft?

The CCF/FCMA invites you to nominate individuals for the Robert Jekyll Award for Leadership in Craft! Your nominee can be an artist, curator, collector, educator, administrator or volunteer in your community or from anywhere in Canada. National impact is preferred, but impacts at a provincial or territorial level will always be considered.

The Robert Jekyll Award for Leadership in Craft is a way of honoring and celebrating distinguished contributors and proponents of the Canadian Craft sector – it has become one of the highest markers of exceptional commitment to Craft. Award recipients are recognized to have dedicated valuable time and energy to the movement and development of craft communities, while advancing the respect and recognition of craft artists.

Previous recipients of this award include Anne Manuel from Newfoundland and Tom McFall from Alberta in 2018, Charlotte Kwon from British Columbia in 2017, Michael Hosaluk of Saskatchewan in 2016 and many more… they come from all across Canada and embody a remarkable commitment to craft culture.

Now, we need you to help find the next recipient! Do you know someone deserving?

To learn more about the Robert Jekyll Award for Leadership in Craft go here.
For a list of past recipients go here

The nomination process is easy! We have a new form that puts it all in one place.

Find out about eligibility requirements and the application here!

Nominations are due by November 22nd, 2019.