Dissecting New Realities Conference

First, a thank you! We’re pleased to thank our community members, who helped us reach beyond our usual networks to complete the Craft Maker and Consumer Survey. Collectively, the knowledge and experience you shared will provide invaluable information to help us better understand the trends and challenges of the digital world of craft in Canada.

Empowered by these insights, we move to the next phase of our program. Today is the first day of the Dissecting New Realities Conference, a continuation of the Ten Digit Technology Conference series. Together with our member and affiliate organizations, the CCF/FCMA is reviewing the data gathered from the Craft Maker and Consumer Survey. 

This virtual conference will begin with a presentation of the big picture, sharing the survey responses to help shape the direction of our programming. The goals of this conference are to gather with our key stakeholders and partners to collectively build systems that respond to the research we’ve done, and that work for all of us. If that sounds vague, that’s because it is vague. At this stage, we are sharing insights and information, not answers.

Over the 3 days, we will review the data on what exists, what’s missing, and what we can help build together. These strategic conversations are necessary to bring our national partners and craft councils to the table to discuss how we can effectively move forward with artists, councils and current consumer trends in mind. Together, we will review, respond, and envision a new way forward.

Throughout the conference, we will hear from Forum Research Inc. to review the research findings, Kit Hillis from Zu to talk with craft councils about “Assessing your Digital Strategy”, and Parul Pandya from Community Impact Consulting to guide us on “How to Implement & Measure an Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Plan”. We’ll also hear about inspiring digital projects and new approaches that have already launched through Craft NB, Crafted Vancouver, Arts Etobicoke and Arts NB.

While these virtual stakeholder sessions are not open to the public, the talks ensure the CCF/FCMA’s broad membership of craft organizations collectively determine a direction for our national work. This Fall, a public virtual conference will take place, as a continuation of the Ten Digit Technology Conference series and a celebration of the ongoing evolution of this collaborative project. We look forward to having more information to share with you following the Dissecting New Realities Conference.