Copyright and You

Copying and distributing creative goods has become more prevalent and easy to do and we think artists should understand copyright. Working with legal counsel, the CCF/FCMA and CARFAC National are teaming up to develop a book about copyright and craft for craftspeople. You can help guide our research by sharing your copyright insights from your craft practice by completing our short survey

In order to develop the craft resource book, we are gathering examples of copyright situations by interviewing artists. This will help guide the research to match the needs of the craft community across Canada. Our main goal is to make a complex topic easy to digest because we believe that all artists should know their rights to their creative work. 

Have you experienced a copyright situation along the way? Whether it’s the good, the bad or the ugly, we’re interested to hear what happens at the forefront of craft when it comes to copyright issues. If you’re more of a talker and not much of a writer, you can record a voice message from your phone. Visit the survey to learn how. 

What do you need to know about licensing and collaborations? How can you prevent copyright infringement? How does craft copyright function in the digital world? These are some of our questions, but, we’re interested to hear about your thoughts and ideas on copyright. We can use your experience and questions to build a useful resource for craftspeople. 

Short Survey, Big Impact

With your survey responses combined with the ideas from other craftspeople across Canada, the CCF/FCMA and CARFAC National will use your experiences to help guide the research on this important topic for makers. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and thank you for sharing the survey with other craftspeople. 

Deadline to complete March 3, 2022

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