Citizens of Craft Census

You’ve been hearing a lot about Citizens of Craft, but do you know how far the brand has reached? This program continues to grow, with new profiles populating the site, and a new season of the podcast in the recording stage now. We’ve got the numbers to prove it, and now we’re sharing them with you. Get a snapshot of the Citizens of Craft action through our newest infographic and find out how you can get involved today.

Since the launch of season one, Citizens of Craft: The Podcast has brought new voices to the website, and a new audience, too. Released in Fall 2018, the first five episodes reached over 2,500 listens across Canada and beyond. Back by popular demand, the premiere episode of our second season will be released May 29, so be sure to stay tuned, and catch up on the season one episodes today.

We’ve come so far since 2015, when Citizens of Craft was launched as a movement of makers, appreciators, curators, educators, academics, and organizations – anyone whose values match our values of heritage, innovation, the leading edge, traditional, authentic, and entrepreneurial.

In August of 2014, the Provincial and Territorial Craft Councils and the Canadian Crafts Federation set out to “Re-Materialize Craft.” The goals of this exploration were to clarify and deepen the public’s understanding of craft and make craft more accessible to Canadians. After examining existing research and gathering more insights, it was discovered that the word ‘craft’ was found appearing in all sorts of places. We wanted to clarify, and re-claim what ‘craft’ truly means, and create a place where its values can be celebrated.

So opened the national craft website, A place where the misuse and abuse of the meaning of handmade is banished, and the word ‘craft’ is proudly on display.

Are you a member of your regional crafts council? Need more reasons to join the Citizens of Craft movement? Learn more about recent Citizens of Craft stats collected by the Canadian Crafts Federation in this new infographic.

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