Canada’s New International Role

The Canadian Crafts Federation is proud to announce that Canada has now taken on leadership of the World Crafts Council North America (WCCNA), one of five regional organizations representing the World Crafts Council International (WCC). On December 5th, 2020, CCF Executive Director, Maegen Black, moved from the Vice President to the President position, with Bernard Burton from Craft Alliance Atlantic, as the new Vice-President of WCCNA. 

The leadership of the WCCNA has, until now, been traditionally held in the United States of America. The CCF would like to thank Dr. Andrew Wang for his service as President over the past four years, and for his ongoing support as Past-President. 

The WCC was founded in 1964 to promote fellowship, foster economic development through income-generating craft-related activities, organize exchange programs, workshops, conferences, seminars, and exhibitions—and in general, to offer encouragement, help, and advice to the craftspersons of the world. Over the years, the North American organization, WCCNA has taken on a variety of international programming, including the international “In Praise of Hands” conference and exhibition, held in Toronto in the 1970s. This new shift in leadership will continue the organization’s historic focus by strengthening international networks for North American craft around the globe.

With this change in direction comes a change in visual presense. The CCF/FCMA has created a new logo for WCCNA with English, French and Spanish translations. As well, we will revamp the WCCNA website with fresh and relevant content. Craft artists who would like to volunteer the images of their work may be featured on the WCCNA website. (Images will be credited with artists and/or organization contact information – please submit 1 to 2 photos to [email protected] by February 17th for consideration).

The CCF/FCMA is thrilled about this new beginning, and we cannot wait to work with our North American craft colleagues. This is an exciting opportunity to connect with the international craft community and to build stronger connections with crafts councils across North America and across the world.