Buy Canadian Craft Online

It’s no surprise to say this holiday season feels a bit different. Supporting our community has never been more critical. That is why the Canadian Crafts Federation (CCF/FCMA) is igniting a movement to encourage everyone to buy Canadian craft online. Inspired by the Quebec Craft Council’s recently launched #faiteslepleindartdici movement, which promotes the work of Quebec craft artists and invites consumers to buy craft online for the holidays, the CCF/FCMA is proud to bring you a national version – connecting Canadians from across the country to online craft shops this holiday season.

Selling online can only work if people know where to find online storefronts. The CCF/FCMA has gathered a list of Craft Councils and Affiliate Organizations who have an online shop or online market available this holiday season. CCF/FCMA has also created templates for you to easily show your support for buying Canadian craft online and links on where to find it. Whether you’re an artist, an organization or a shopper, you’re invited to use these resources.

Get your shopping started today!

Craft artists have traditionally relied on in-person sales and shops. The CCF/FCMA understands how challenging it may be to encourage shoppers to skip the line and turn to their computers. We’re browsing anyways, might as well browse Canadian craft! 

While we’re reducing the spread of COVID-19 by staying physically distant and staying home, many of the annual in-person craft markets have been cancelled. Lucky for us, it’s now easier than ever to buy Canadian craft online, and we’re no longer limited to just the local craft markets. Many artists and organizations across Canada have launched and improved their online stores as a result of creative adaptations.

2020 has allowed us to slow down to enjoy the moment of a handmade craft. By buying Canadian craft online, not only are you purchasing a thoughtful gift for your loved ones, but you are directly contributing to a social impact to support the craft economy. What better way to say “I care” than a craft handmade with consideration and chosen with admiration as a gift for others or a gift for yourself.