Your voice. Your vote.

With the 2019 Election approaching fast, the CCF/FCMA encourages all of our members to become engaged in the electoral process and informed about the cultural platforms in the upcoming election. Arts and culture are both integral to the well-being and daily life of all Canadians thus strong support of the arts and culture sector by the government will promote the Canadian values of inclusion and diversity and ensure they are reflected and continue to be celebrated. In order to help the cultural community engage, the Canadian Arts Coalition has made materials available that can help you join in on the conversation. 

On their website, you will find information about each of the Canadian political party platforms, directions on how to get out and vote as well as suggestions on how you can be directly involved, including suggested questions to ask your local candidates and a detailed social media toolkit to expand your personal political reach. Additional resources are geared toward helping you understand your place in Canadian politics, with links to VoteCompass, an Interactive tool to explore how your views align with each party, and to the 338 Canada, a visual statistics projection model.

There are 799,100 artists and cultural workers in the Canadian workforce (as published by Hill Strategies Research). That means there are 799,100 voices to be heard and 799,100 votes to be cast from the cultural sector – there is power in the arts so let’s make our voices heard in this election year. 

Your voice. Your vote. #votearts2019