Vases Are People, Too

Last week we released the Season 2 Finale of Citizens of Craft: The Podcast! In her opening monologue to the episode, series host and CCF Director, Maegen Black, describes the experience: “It’s been such a joy to bring together so many exciting guest speakers this season. Uncovering truths and sharing stories about craft and the many ways that it touches our lives… This whole series has been less about the how-to-craft and more about the why-of-craft”.

Featuring glass artist and Blown Away contestant, Benjamin Kikkert, along with ceramic artist and Editor of Musing About Mud, Carole Epp, this episode explores the manifesto statement, “Vases are people, too… Craft objects evoke their makers, letting you surround yourself with not just things, but personalities.”

“[That statement] aligns itself with the mandate of why I make my work and how I believe an artist should present themselves within their work,” said Carole in response to the manifesto statement. “I really feel the more I bring in my personality and my own vulnerabilities or my own perspectives into things, the work becomes truer. I look for that in other people’s work all the time.”

Agreeing with Carole, Benjamin shared his thoughts, “It’s funny how one conversation or one experience can stay with you and can inform you, and we’re lucky enough to be fabricating objects that sort of articulate those observations and allow for a different dialogue – a tactile dialogue – with an idea.”

The conversation continues, exploring topics such as storytelling and expression through craft, the interaction between the user and the object, and the impact of craft.

“I feel like craft – and art, for that matter – will always be that beautiful recording of who we are as humanity, and so it is always relevant for that sake. Media gets twisted… but, so long as we try to look at as many narratives as possible in terms of how cultures are growing and what they’re engaging with, we can see that through their art and craft.” – Carole Epp

Thank you to our listeners for joining us on this journey through contemporary craft. We made this podcast for you – to help craft speak for itself, and for craft to be heard. If you loved the podcast then please – shout it out! Help us to reach even more listeners like you. Connect with us online on Facebook and Instagram, or send us an email at to share your feedback, request more episodes, and to find out how YOU can donate to the Canadian Crafts Federation’s future projects. Thank you, also, to our excellent sponsor for the finale episode, Tucker’s Pottery, who helped make this project a reality.

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Banner: Featured work by Brad Turner