The Story Behind Our Brand Refresh

Welcoming Our New Look

The Canadian Crafts Federation (CCF/FCMA) is delighted to introduce its brand refresh! The CCF/FCMA creates connections and champions craft as the organization grows and strengthens. We wanted the visual brand to reflect our values. We’re an arts organization, and a large part of our communication is through visual messaging.

Why Refresh the Brand?

The CCF/FCMA has had quite the internal shift as an organization. As a result, the brand refresh has been in progress alongside it. With this new look, we’re opting for a softer identity as we move forward.

What Was the Refresh Process?

The brand refresh was done internally, with staff at the core of creative decisions. We kept our signature orange and blue with a modern touch and made the overall look lighter. We introduced craft-based textures and icons in our graphic components, such as banners and social media posts. Within the CCF/FCMA logo, the large C shape represents Craft and Canada, and the pattern symbolizes organizations joining together for a significant cause. 

What Does This Mean for You?

If you’re a partner or member of the CCF/FCMA, please update our logos. To do that, follow the link to download the appropriate image file you might need.

Download the new CCF/FCMA logos now.

We’re excited to officially launch our brand refresh as we continue this journey to represent provincial and territorial craft organizations and makers in Canada. As an organization, we continue to evolve and grow, and this brand refresh was a natural transformation process. We look forward to the future with our new look!

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