The CCF/FCMA Storms Winnipeg!

For the first time in CCF/FCMA history, the organization held our annual conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Titled ‘Co-operative Collaborations’, the conference ran from September 30th to October 3rd, 2010, bringing together representatives from across the country to share information and discuss matters of mutual interest.

The Conference was a success, with three days of pointed activity to drive the goals of the organization forward.  An entire day was devoted to presentations from across the country, where attendees heard from Provincial and Territorial Craft Councils, Advocacy Organizations, Federal Groups and Local Institutions in one cohesive session. A second day was devoted to reviewing and debating proposals regarding membership, governance and future planning. The final day consisted of a board meeting where formal decisions were made and specific tasks assigned.

 With the Manitoba Craft Council acting as event hosts, delegates visited studios, shops, museums and galleries to learn about Winnipeg’s historical and contemporary craft community.There were many unique opportunities for artists to mingle, discuss their work and share opinions and experiences during visits to the Winnipeg Art Gallery, the Manitoba Craft Museum and Library,Stoneware Gallery, the Cre8ery and Mozy Rue.

The CCF/FCMA also contributed to local activity by presenting a special lecture on the Cheongju International Craft Biennale, and arranging studio visits between professional glass and textile artists.

 With approximately 30 representatives from 11 different provinces and territories, the perspectives presented were broad.  The CCF/FCMA was proud to have such diversity in participation, and was very pleased to welcome two representatives from the Yukon – a region which was not previously been an active member of the Federation.

A special addition to the Conference was the presentation of the CCF/FCMA’s award, the Robert Jekyll President’s Award to Ms. Marilyn Stothers for her lifetime of contribution to the Canadian Craft community, both through her presidency at the Canadian Craft Council, her connection to the World Craft Council, and her efforts in preserving the national organization through the formation of the Canadian Crafts Federation.

The CCF/FCMA would like to thank all the organizations who attended the event, and is especially grateful to the Canada Council for the Arts and the Manitoba Crafts Council for their outstanding support of this project.