Support Your Community

COVID-19 has not only thrown the entire world for a loop but has also created a gap in market access for the craft community. Craft artists (who have traditionally relied on in-person shops and sales for income) are even more focused on developing and expanding their online presence. We want to bring to your attention to our members who have advanced their online shops where you can purchase handmade gifts for yourself, friends, family, or that special someone you haven’t seen in awhile.

Many of the provincial and territorial craft councils across Canada have taken up the challenge to advance existing shops or open new online shops through their websites, on social media. Many craft artists have also been busy in their studios, adding to their existing collections, expanding their individual shops, and learning new skills in the process. During these trying times, the craft community can show its strength by continuing to create, reaching new audiences, and banding together to support one another.

Visit our members online shops today!

With a general public largely still in quarantine, online shopping has become a necessity as well as a source of entertainment.  Who doesn’t love new things? That feeling when it arrives at our doorsteps? Incredible! You feel like a kid on Christmas morning! Why not peruse the offerings craft has for you – looking and even purchasing from our friends’ shops, to help support not only the craft community as a whole, but also the artists themselves.

Summer is on the horizon, a season usually filled with camping, bonfires, swimming, and the smell of sunscreen and of course our friends and family. With the current situation, seeing the people we love the most isn’t always an option; however, you can still send them a handmade object, made with love. Share a moment of joy from afar and give the gift of craft today.