Pathway to Funding: Craft & The Canada Council for the Arts

In response to a reportedly low application rate to the Canada Council for the Arts funding programs in 2017 and 2018, the Canadian Crafts Federation/Fédération canadienne des métiers d’art (CCF/FCMA) has developed a new approach to marketing and promotion of these opportunities – a video animation. 

The CCF/FCMA created this animation to demystify the Canada Council’s new model and encourage more applications from the craft sector. As craft artists may not immediately see themselves in the language of the new Canada Council for the Arts funding model, this video aims to encourage that connection.  

Pathway to Funding: Craft & The Canada Council for the Arts, is live online now, produced by the CCF/FCMA (and voiced and animated by our awesome design intern, Noémie Malenfant).


In this video, we outline the three components to accessing funding: registering your account, creating your profile, and applying for a grant. We are thankful to the craft artists who agreed to be featured in this video, including Claudio Pino, Janet MacPherson, Lou Lynn, Mary Anne Barkhouse and Anna Torma. These artists were all approved for funding over the past two years, and are great examples of contemporary fine craft artists creating high-quality work.

To support the spread of this video, we have also created a “guiding document” for educational instructors, providing detailed information about the video itself, and suggestions on how they can incorporate it into their classes. 

Check out our resources page to learn more, and discover all the funding opportunities offered by the Canada Council for the Arts at