Kye-Yeon Son: Award Winning Metalsmith

The CCF/FCMA is excited to express our congratulations to Kye-Yeon Son, winner of the 2011 Saidye Bronfman Award at this year’s Governor General Awards in Visual and Media Arts.

One of Canada`s premiere metalsmiths, Kye-Yeon Son greatly deserves this recognition. With over 30 years experience, and over a decade on staff at NSCAD University, her work is held in the highest regard both inside and outside Canada’s borders.

As described on the Canada Council for the Arts website, “the works of Halifax metalsmith Kye-Yeon Son quietly command attention. Often modelled after objects in nature – a leafless tree in winter, a sea-worn beach stone – they speak to resilience, change and harmony with the environment.”

Nominated by Susan Hanrahan, Executive Director of the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council, this year’s winner joins the ranks of Canada’s best and brightest Fine Craft Artists, including Kye-Yeon Son’s very own mentor, Ms. Lois Etherington Betteridge (who was the very first woman to win the Bronfman Award back in 1978).

For more information about Kye-Yeon Son’s life, work and aesthetic, view short videos of the artist and read Susan Hanrahan’s nomination statement on the Canada Council for the Arts Governor General Award Winners website here.