In Support of #BlackLivesMatter

The past two weeks and more have been difficult, and extremely important. The CCF/FCMA stands in solidarity with the black community, and is committed to anti-racism in all forms. We must use our voices to amplify, and to demand better – of the world, of ourselves, and of each other.

Arts organizations, including the CCF/FCMA, must make real and dedicated efforts to effect systemic change in the arts sector. Not just today, not just this week, but with consistent and thoughtful action. Organizations must take real, measurable steps forward now, and for the long term.

One such step to take is to learn more about CPAMO – an organization dedicated to the opening of “opportunities for Indigenous and racialized professionals and organizations to build capacity through access and working relationships with cultural institutions”. CPAMO is led by black arts administrators, has engaged black artists in their work over the years, and is now developing a policy/program document to address anti-black racism in the arts with the Nia Centre for the Arts and the city of Toronto’s confronting anti-black racism unit. CPAMO’s programs, research and resources are an excellent place to begin, expand or extend organizational efforts toward change. 

We recognize that we have important work to do to make change within our own organization, and to support our members to do the same across the country. At the CCF/FCMA, we are committed to participating in CPAMO’s Pluralism and Organizational Change program and encourage others to review the many resources available at and to spend the time and energy it takes to move forward.  

To the many who have spoken up, spoken out, and put their hearts, minds, and bodies on the line to bring awareness and demand change: these acts must be seen, valued, honoured, respected, listened to, and acted upon. Systemic change is required in society, and that includes the arts and arts organizations. We stand together.

Black Lives Matter.
Black Art Matters.