Final Heirloom Speaker Announced!

For the past few months we’ve been telling you all about the Heirloom Symposium in Charlottetown this Fall. You know the date (September 26th, 2014), you know the location (Carriage House at Beaconsfield Heritage House), you know where to buy your tickets (here) and you know the lineup of speakers – all except for one mystery guest. Well, the time has come, and we are very pleased to announce that our fourth and final speaker at the Heirloom Symposium is ceramic artist, teacher, consultant and arts administrator, Aaron Nelson!

Bringing his broad perspective to the lineup of speakers, Nelson will present alongside curator and writer Gloria Hickey, textile artist Jane Kidd and Museum Director Dr. David Keenlyside. From the perspective of a ceramic artist, Aaron Nelson – he will discuss his views on the place and meaning of tradition in contemporary craft and how it affects his personal practice, as well as the broader world of craft.

A graduate of Emily Carr University, Nelson has lived and worked in Chicago, Vancouver, Victoria, Montana and now, in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Currently working as the Artistic Director at Medalta, he is exposed to regional, national and international ceramics practices, while continuing to create and exhibit innovative works of his own. Nelson uses experimental, environmentally friendly materials, and explores the crossovers between the ancient art of ceramics and modern technology in his gallery exhibitions.

An innovative and intriguing artist, we are very excited to have Nelson join us in Charlottetown this Fall. For more information about the Heirloom Symposium, be sure to visit, and book your tickets today!