Do You Create or Purchase Fine Craft?

The world has gone digital. Where does that leave craft? The Canadian Crafts Federation plans to find out.

As a part of our “10 Digit Technology” Strategy Research, the CCF/FCMA has developed two surveys: an Artist Craft Survey and a Consumer Craft Survey. Our goals are to collect information about the craft-making/buying/selling experience from as many craft artists and craft consumers as possible.

It is essential that this survey reaches beyond our immediate connections – we aim to break the “craft echo chamber” and connect with those in and outside of existing craft memberships, and we’ll need YOUR help in circulating this survey to make that happen.

The responses to these surveys will help us make informed decisions to better support Craft Councils and makers across Canada. We want to identify areas where we can assist Craft Councils and craft artists across Canada to take effective steps towards improving craft access in the digital sphere. 

What Motivates You to Buy Fine Craft?

Calling all craft consumers! From the casual market browser to craft connoisseur, we want to hear from you. This research will help us to better understand you, the craft consumer: your interests, challenges, barriers, etc. 

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What Motivates You to Sell Fine Craft?

Artists and makers, we want to know about your creative experience. How did the pandemic affect the way you market and sell your craft? Whether you sell wholesale, use TikTok or exclusively sell at farmers’ markets, we’re interested to know what you do and how you do it.

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Your Voice is Important

The results of this survey will directly inform our decision-making process to guide innovative and practical solutions in the current digital climate and how Canadian fine craft fits within that.

The deadline to complete is Friday, May 21, 2021

Can you spare 10 minutes? Take the survey(s) now.

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