Defining ‘Professional Craft’

The CCF/FCMA Advocacy Committee is taking on a difficult, yet essential project: to research, write, and release a position paper on the definition of professional craft.

We recognize that this is a daunting task. Craft artists, galleries, museums, educational institutions, guilds, councils, communities, governments and many more have struggled with terminology since the well before the CCF/FCMA was formed. We expect the community to continue to grapple with this task even after we release our results, as the context in which we use the word ‘craft’ is as important as the word itself.

This is by no means the first time, nor will it be the last, that such a definition is produced. Our aim is not to create a quintessential definition, but to present an option for the community to utilize, reference, defend and debate. We have chosen to focus specifically on ‘professional craft’ as the majority of our membership and partners practice at this level, and it is within the parameters of professionalism that we are most often requested to provide such material.

We welcome input from researchers and community members who wish to provide suggestions, reference material or examples currently used by individuals or organizations. There will be many layers of revision as we work towards a final product for public release. Your contributions will be reviewed and are very much appreciated as we continue our work on this project.

Please feel free to share information with the CCF/FCMA Advocacy committee by sending any links, text or suggestions to: by April 16th, 2018, and wish us good luck!