#CraftRealTalk Round 2

After the launch of our first chapter, the #CraftRealTalk stories continue with episode two, focused on one simple tip that will help YOU grow your audience: the 15/15/5/1 Strategy. It’s as simple as this: for 15 minutes, three times a week, follow 15 accounts, like 5 photos, and leave 1 thoughtful comment.

This straightforward exercise gives you a simple plan of action to raise your profile through authentic connections, without taking too much time. Used consistently, the strategy works. Over seven months, the CCF/FCMA gained over 1,250 followers by implementing it for our own Instagram account. That’s almost 50 followers a week for 15 minutes of effort three times a week. This increased following helps us to spread our message and promote Canadian craft to a wider audience than ever before. An increased following for you and your work gets more potential clients in front of the content you’re already producing.

Implement this strategy and tell us how it works for you! Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @ccffcma, to check out the #CraftRealTalk series in our highlights section. (Look for the purple icons at the top of our profile page.) With more new chapters to come – you won’t want to miss out.