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Stay up-to-date with the latest calls for entry, news and opportunities from our members and affiliates. You’ll also find events and craft sector reports from both national and international communities.

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Latest from our Membership

Call for Entry • September 8, 2023 • Winnipeg, Manitoba

Made in the Middle Craft Market ↗

The Made in the Middle Craft Market is a sale of unique, non-mass produced, handmade items.

Employment • September 11, 2023 • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

🔔 Curatorial Assistant (Temporary, Young Canada Works) ↗

We are looking for a diligent, enthusiastic, and detailed person who loves art and curation, and is comfortable in research-heavy tasks. The person in this position would be a curatorial assistant to the SCC Exhibition Coordinators for the project, “Kaija Sanelma Harris Exhibition Project.”

Call for Entry • September 18, 2023 • Ontario

Fibre Arts Residency Applications ↗

Established by Leisa Rich and the Contemporary Textile Studio Co-op, this award supports emerging and mid-career textile artists who are seeking community, peer-to-peer mentorship, and to explore and develop new artistic directions.

Call for Entry • October 1, 2023 • Winnipeg, Manitoba

Remold: MCC’s 2024 Group Show ↗

Remold engages with the idea of craft transforming our very being, taking the intuitive knowledge that it imbues within our bodies to extend and alter the state of humanness.

Call for Entry • November 1, 2023 • Ontario

Virtual Workshop Proposals ↗

To increase peer-to-peer learning opportunities across the province, we are creating an opportunity for Craft Ontario members to submit virtual workshop proposals for the coming year.


Event • September 8, 2023 • Vancouver, BC

CSDA/CCAD 2023 Symposium ↗

Our committee has put together a 3-day in-person program which includes lectures, curator-led tours, access to a historical home, artist talks, studio tours, a private reception, and a walking tour in Vancouver’s West End.

Call for Entry • September 11, 2023

Art Quilts XXVIII: Breaking Rules, Honoring Tradition ↗

For our 28th annual Art Quilts exhibition, fiber artists from across the country and abroad are invited to submit to this annual exhibition of contemporary art quilts, showcasing some of the finest textile art on display in the Southwestern United States.

Call for Entry • September 22, 2023 • Toronto, ON

DesignTO Symposium ‘Dematerialized’ ↗

This symposium invites designers and thinkers to explore the complexities of dematerialization: both its benefits and drawbacks. How do we quantify and make visible the environmental impact of computation and data storage? What is lost in a move toward immateriality? What does equitable access look like in a dematerialized future? Can dematerialization be used to resist the capitalist growth imperative?

Call for Entry • September 22, 2023 • Toronto, ON

2024 Thematic Exhibition ↗

In light of the vast potential of matter to shape and communicate, this exhibition invites artists and designers to delve into the nexus of material expression, innovation and environmental sustainability. It aims to reflect on the profound nature of materials in various fields, their ability to effect change, and carry narratives.

In-person Event • September 28-30, 2023 • Barcelona, Spain

CONTEMPORANIA High Craftsmanship Barcelona ↗

The Palau de Pedralbes in Barcelona will be hosting CONTEMPORANIA High Craftmanship Barcelona, the first edition of the international fair dedicated to the development of high craftsmanship and excellence in the field. This event is promoted by the Consortium of Commerce, Crafts and Fashion of Catalonia (CCAM) and organized by Le Departement.

Call for Entry • October 5, 2023

Canada Council for the Arts Molson Prizes ↗

The Canada Council for the Arts Molson Prizes are awarded annually to two individuals who have distinguished themselves by their outstanding achievements in the arts and in the social sciences and humanities.

Call for Entry • October 25, 2023

Koru 8 International contemporary jewellery triennial ↗

The main purpose of the KORU 8 exhibition is to present international contemporary jewellery extensively. Together with the exhibition, the event includes workshops and seminars, which bring together artists, lecturers, researchers and people with an interest in contemporary jewellery.

Call for Entry • November 15, 2023

Preziosa Young Design Competition 2023 ↗

The aim is to contribute to the circulation of what is new in research jewellery and showcase what the new generations of goldsmiths/designers/artists are ‘brewing’.

Call for Entry • December 3, 2023 • Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg Fine Art Fair ↗

We are offering a welcoming place for community engagement, exploration, public critique, celebration, and connection of all that is fine art.

Call for Entry • December 15, 2023

Grand National Fibre Exhibition ↗

The Grand National Exhibition Association invites quilt and fibre artists from across Canada to participate in the 2024 thematic exhibition: Delights



December 15, 2023 • Vancouver, British Columbia

🔔 Phase transitions ↗

The term phase transition references a physical shifting of material from one phase to another. Jenny Judge uses this concept to drip wet paint that transitions and solidifies on its downward journey along a thread. It covers objects and creates new forms while the original becomes less recognizable.