Citizens of Craft: The Podcast in Review

Fall 2018 marked the release of the first five episodes of Citizens of Craft: The Podcast. Available on, these episodes featured craft artists, curators, historians, and collectors from across Canada, and highlighted five of our ten manifesto statements, including “You Are Not a Lemming” and “Objects Should Inhabit, Not Intrude”.

Get a taste of each episode below, and listen to them in full today:

Ep. 1 – “You Are Not a Lemming” with Sandra Alfoldy & Kari Woo

Featuring contemporary jeweller, Kari Woo, and historian, curator, and writer, Dr Sandra Alfoldy, the premiere episode of the podcast features a wide-ranging discussion, touching on the history of craft and pursuing craft as a career.

“It’s really amazing to watch folks who aren’t necessarily makers but are advocates for the fine crafts” – Kari Woo

Ep. 2 – “We Value the Unique & Enduring” with Heather Igloliorte & Michael Massie

This episode features Inuk curator and academic, Heather Igloliorte, and mixed media artist, Michael Massie, whose work reflects his mixed Inuit, Métis, and Scottish heritage, in a discussion about their careers in the craft sector, and the importance of valuing and respecting Indigenous craft.

“The medium and the materials [of Indigenous craft] have changed, but the artistic practices are enduring” – Heather Igloliorte

Ep. 3 “Objects Should Inhabit, Not Intrude” with Hilary West & Natali Rodrigues

Featuring glass artist and educator, Natali Rodrigues, and fine craft collector, Hilary West, this episode highlights the benefits of craft in our living and working spaces, and the impact it can have on makers and non-makers alike.

“Crafted objects are an expression of our profound humanity” – Natali Rodrigues

Ep. 4 “Nothing is Newer than Tradition” with Monika Kinner-Whalen & Seema Goel

This episode features textile artist, Monika Kinner-Whalen, and mixed media artist, Seema Goel, sharing the history of their own craft skill development and discussing the importance of craft in this modern age of mass manufacturing. They touch on education, emotion, and the importance of connection.

“Craft is incredibly grounding and generous. It makes one know that they are connected to a huge history that extends far beyond one individual.” – Seema Goel

Ep. 5 “We Move Together” with Clayton Windatt & Peter Powning

Featuring award-winning mixed media artist, Peter Powning, and Director of the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective, Clayton Windatt, this episode explores the inter-twined nature of craft and society, and the power the sector holds to bring people together.

“Really ugly messages can often make really beautiful art” – Clayton Windatt

Check out all five episodes now on, Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Youtube.

In December, we shared a listener feedback survey online, giving fans the opportunity to share their thoughts and help us refine the next series of episodes. Based on the results, we learned that the majority of our listeners thus far are professional artists, with many listeners also identifying as arts administrators and craft enthusiasts. Most listeners heard about the podcast through the Canadian Crafts Federation, and on average listened to 3 or more of 5 episodes each. As of January 2, the podcast received a total of 2,134 listens.

Stay tuned for the next round of episodes being released in Spring 2019! In the meantime, listen to the episodes you missed, or revisit some of your favourites, at

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