Join the Conversation and Share Your Experience

As a member of the Visual Arts Alliance (VAA), the Canadian Crafts Federation plays a key role in bringing the craft perspective to the national visual arts table. The VAA is a grassroots organization of organizations who share information and collaborate to improve the visual arts sector for Canadian visual artists. Our most recent project is a collaboration with the Department of Canadian Heritage, who is undertaking a Visual Arts Marketplace Engagement Initiative (VAMEI).

Now, we need you – the members of the craft community – to participate in the first step toward a full Visual Arts Market Survey. Through, Canadian Heritage is taking the temperature of the community by gathering your feedback on a number of general statements about the state of the visual arts in Canada. The goal of this initiative is to “engage people from across the visual arts ecosystem to explore the issues, tensions and interdependencies within the visual arts market.”

In 15 to 20 minutes, you can help provide insight on “how to promote inclusive growth and benefit the range of visual arts actors”. Share your perspective on these general statements, providing yes or no answers about topics such as:

“With a guaranteed minimum income, artists and arts workers would do better work and waste less energy struggling.”

“Buildings that house artists’ studios and offices of arts organizations should be taxed differently than condo buildings.”

“Support in schools for art skills, paint, sculpt etc will educate a public who will feel a connection to & understanding of the process.”

“Artists should never work for free.”

These and many more statements will help to frame the next steps of the VAMEI. You also have an opportunity to add your own statements for consideration. The survey is open until February 23rd. Add your voice to the conversation today.