Intersections & Interconnexions Guest Speakers

The CCF/FCMA is pleased to announce two of our special guest speakers for this year’s CCF/FCMA Annual Conference: Charles Smith of Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario, and José Niaison of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Charles Smith is the Executive Director of Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario. Dedicated to building and strengthening relationships between the arts sector and indigenous people, people of colour, and other historically marginalized groups; the organization seeks to diversify the arts community through events, lectures and workshops. As one of our key guest speakers, Charles will deliver a lecture titled “Pluralism, Equity and Diversity”, speaking to the importance of cultural representation in arts organizations and their membership, as well as practices to promote and celebrate underrepresented individuals in Canada’s diverse cultural landscape.

Our second guest speaker is José Niaison, Program Officer for Arts Across Canada at the Canada Council for the Arts. Having worked with the Council before, during and after their new funding model development, he will provide great insight into the new system for craft artists and organizations alike. The Canada Council for the Arts seeks to promote the study and production of the arts, and this presentation will help demystify the new system of application at the Council.

We are very excited to have such esteemed guests this year! See the full itinerary of the Intersections & Interconnexions conference here, and while you’re at it, check out the Canadian Craft Biennial, which will take place in the days immediately following the CCF/FCMA Conference. These two conferences are the perfect pairing for anyone with a deep interest in craft. We hope to see you there!