10 Digit Technology:
Dissecting New Realities Conference

Date: June 9 – 11th, 2021
Time: PDT: 9 am – 12 pm | CST: 10 am – 1 pm | EDT: 12 – 3 pm | ADT: 1 – 4 pm
Platform: Virtual, via Zoom
Cost: Free

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Who’s Involved?

The CCF/FCMA is excited to host a series of online presentations and working sessions intended to advance collective national programming. This virtual conference will provide space for us to collectively digest, reflect upon, and discuss the information gathered through our 10 Digit Technology Digital Strategies Research, to help develop new digital strategies for the national craft sector.

Attendees: Member Executive Directors, Affiliate Organizations, and CCF/FCMA Board Members are invited to participate online in these stakeholder conversations. Member organizations are encouraged to invite up to 5 representatives to attend, from their admin, staff, board and/or dedicated volunteers. Ideally, participants will attend all three sessions, as content on Day 2 & 3 will refer back to material from Day 1.

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DAY 1 – SURVEY SAYS: Digital Strategies Research Information Session

Forum Research Inc. will lead us through the findings from our 10 Digit Technology Digital Strategies national research project.

DAY 2 – WHAT’S NEXT?: Digital Strategy Development

Digital product and service firm, Zu, will present on assessing your digital strategy, followed by interesting and inspiring digital project examples.

DAY 3 – HUMAN CENTRED GOAL SETTING: Brainstorming Session

Including sessions on assessing and improving your organizational diversity, equity and inclusion plan as well as implementation.

Each day will end with breakout sessions to provide the opportunity for reflection, sharing and networking around the day’s discussion.

Craving more time for unscheduled discussion and conversation with craft peers nationally? Join in after hours for a Craft Social Chat Hour, Wednesday and Thursday June 9 & 10.