New CCF/FCMA Identity Statement

The CCF/FCMA is nearing the completion of our next strategic plan. Part of our national process of review, reflection and renewal included the development of an updated organizational identity statement. With new language and clarity, we’ve created a more cohesive expression of who we are, what we do, and how we do it. To whet your palate for the full future plan, we’re sharing our new mission statement, mandate, approach and vision below.

MISSION STATEMENT: Create connections and champion craft.

MANDATE: As a Federation of organizations, the CCF/FCMA works with the Provincial and Territorial Craft Councils and affiliate organizations to unite, enrich, empower and celebrate the professional contemporary craft sector through collaborative action, networking, and community development.


  • We unite Canadian professional craft organizations in order to learn, share, collaborate, and strengthen the sector.
  • We create and deliver programming and research that informs, engages, empowers, and celebrates the professional craft sector.
  • We identify and act on craft based projects and collaborations that have regional, national, and international impact.
  • We actively pursue and develop meaningful relationships with organizations, institutions, and government agencies that are committed to the advancement of the craft sector.
  • We advocate for craft from a national perspective.

VISION STATEMENT: We envision a Canadian culture which embraces and values the artistic, economic, contemporary, historical and social significance of craft.

We hope these statements improve the public (and the cultural sector’s) understanding of our work as a National Arts Service Organization, so that we may better serve the craft community.