Craft Ontario Needs Your Support

Craft Ontario, one of the CCF/FCMA’s key partners and a leader in the national craft field, needs your support now. For over 40 years this organization has made a difference in the lives of craft artists, connecting the public to contemporary fine craft in all its forms. Many times the organization has stepped up to represent national interests, with members clear across the country, the publication of Studio magazine, and by leading national programs such as national exhibitions and Citizens of Craft.

Unfortunately, their 2016 move to a new space combined with Craft Ontario Shop sales falling short of expected targets have negatively impacted the organizations financing. Craft Ontario requires $250,000 to stabilize operations and implement options for restructuring. Without support, Craft Ontario will close its doors as an organization.

Help Craft Ontario meet their goals:

  1. Make a donation online today.
  2. Actively encourage your networks to donate to Craft Ontario as a charity that makes a difference.
  3. Visit the Craft Ontario Shop, and promote sales through their online shop. (Mention ‘Support Craft Ontario’ and you’ll get a 15% discount for your purchase)
  4. Participate in the community led ‘Save Craft Ontario Community Driven Auction‘ on Facebook.
  5. Share these links and express why you are supporting Craft Ontario on social media, so the community knows why this endeavor is important to you!

Many times, Craft Ontario has been there for us. Now, the national craft community can be there for them. Donate today and help continue the legacy and impact of this key Canadian craft institution.