CCF/FCMA Conference Nets High Praise

In the wake of last month’s Intersections & Interconnections conference, the CCF/FCMA has received high praise for our events in Burlington. In direct emails from our many attendees, and through our formal feedback survey, attendees shared their thoughts, including the following positive feedback:

“The conferences are invaluable… Personally, I connected with great people. This was the most productive conference I have been to.” – David Freeman, Saskatchewan

“This yearly conference and get-together strengthens connections across the country and allows each of us to have a pool of like-minded individuals to connect to, ask advice from, and plan future projects with.” – Alison Murphy, New Brunswick

“It was great to have the opportunity to speak about WorkInCulture and how we support the creative community. By doing so – there’s an increased chance that more creatives/organizations make use of our resources and programs and of future partnerships and collaborations. Thank you for that!” – Mona Afshari, Ontario

“The 2017 CCF conference this year was truly excellent… There was a great positive feeling to this year’s conference, too, in that it felt that all of these leaders and influencers were more on the same page than ever before.” – Tara Owen, Alberta

100% of survey respondents said they would recommend the conference to others in the craft field, a statistic that has remained solid for two years running, increasing from a respectable 91% in 2015.

With such high praise, the CCF/FCMA is more driven than ever to build upon the positive energy our conference produces. We gathered some great ideas and suggestions for next year, and hope you will join is in Nova Scotia in October 2018 for next year’s event. And in the meantime, we have much to accomplish!

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